Looking for increased web security? You found it.

It has always been possible, with a little bit of effort, to disguise your web activities from all. Our UK Proxy has been established, to shield you from intrusive system administrators and badly configured firewall software which blocks certain elements of your connection. The privacy is created through a variety of methods, for example: encrypting cookies to which reside on our server and are needed for interactive websites. Page URLs are also cloaked to prevent logging and help keep your browsing history tidy.

There are numerous real threats to computer users today and you can be the target of a so-called "drive-by install" of malicious software without even realizing it. By disabling or heavily limiting javascript & other web code through our proxy, it is possible to stop being a target. We take security very seriously and regularly perform maintenance upon on our private dedicated servers which are stored in the highest quality datacenters around.

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